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Courseware Packages

The Openproof Project at CSLI has developed the following courseware packages aimed at different aspects of the undergraduate logic curriculum:

  • Language, Proof and Logic is a complete textbook for an introductory course in first-order logic covering propositional and first-order logic through completeness and soundness, with sections on set theory and induction. The courseware package includes Fitch, a proof environment for constructing natural deduction proofs, Boole an application for constructing truth tables and Tarski's World an environment for investigating the semantics of first-order sentences in the blocks world. The package also contains access to our innovative Internet-based grading service the Grade Grinder.
  • Tarski's World is a book of exercises aimed at introducing the semantics of first-order logic though our application Tarski's World. A revised and expanded edition with access to our innovative Internet-based grading service Grade Grinder was published in 2008.