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Grade Grinder


Web-Based Reporting

By logging in to the instructor portion of the Grade Grinder web site, you can access grade reports for students who have submitted work to you for grading.

All instructors and teaching assistants can access grading information for the classes with which they are affiliated on the web. The class with which a submission is associated is determined by when it is submitted and by the email to which the instructor grade report is sent.

In addition to a presentation of the information already included in the email grade reports, instructors may download the original files submitted by the student to help in the resolution of those situations in which Grade Grinder's reporting is insufficiently detailed to work out exactly what is going wrong. The original Grade Reports are also available.

If a time stamp collision is reported against a file in a submission, then the on line display of the submission will include a link which enables instructors to see the submissions with which the submission ''collides''.