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Grade Grinder

Terms and Conditions

By registering and using our software and web sites, you agree to the terms and conditions outlined in this document.

Use of Desktop SoftwareUse of the Grade Grinder ServiceUse of the Software and Web Site

You agree to use the software and web sites for their intended purposes. Other activities, such as transferring license keys, reverse-engineering our software, or those aimed at interrupting or degrading the assessment service are not permitted.

Collection of Data

The Grade Grinder Internet-based assessment service, including associated web sites, collects and stores information related to your use of the service. We may hold this information in perpetuity.

The information that we collect includes We use this information to Sharing of Data

We do not share this information with third-parties, except:


If you register as an instructor we collect additional information including:

If you are teaching a course which requires each student to purchase a registration key (for the use of the Internet based grading service) then you may install the courseware on institutionally owned "lab" machines for your students' use for the duration of the course. All software must be removed from public machines on completion of the course.

Updates to this Agreement

We may periodically update this agreement. The latest version of this agreement is available on our web site. Substantial revisions to this agreement will require you to agree to the new terms, otherwise continued use of the software after an update to this document will constitute agreement to the new terms.