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Logical Reasoning with Diagrams and Sentences

Dave Barker-Plummer, Jon Barwise and John Etchemendy

in collaboration with

Welcome to the home page of the Logical Reasoning with Diagrams and Sentences courseware package.

Logical Reasoning with Diagrams and Sentences is an innovative course which teaches the basic principles of analytical reasoning. Unlike standard systems of logic, which deal exclusively with information presented as sentences, our system requires the combination of information expressed as sentences with information derived from diagrams. Using both representations allows students to focus on the content of reasoning tasks, rather than reasoning about the syntactic structure of sentences. The deductive system, implemented in the Hyperproof program takes seriously the heterogeneity of the information that we deal with in everyday life. It allows us to present problems which combine sentential and graphical information, and allows us to teach a stock of logically valid rules for integrating these different types of information.

Hyperproof provides a platform for presenting much more than the standard fare of an introductory logic course. On the one hand, we are able to teach important topics, such as consistency, non-consequence and independence, that are traditionally consigned to advanced logic course. On the other hand, completely new issues arise naturally when working within the system, issues that are obscured when we restrict our attention to the logic of a formal language.

Logical Reasoning with Diagrams and Sentences consists of a book, a logic program called Hyperproof, and an Internet-based grading service (which is free to students who purchase the package).

Logical Reasoning with Diagrams and Sentences (LRDS) is published by CSLI Publications and distributed by the University of Chicago Press—ISBN (Paperback): 9781575869513. LRDS is available as a paperless package, which may be purchased and downloaded directly from our store, or in physical form available from bookstores (brick or click), and CSLI publications.

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