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Language, Proof and Logic

Online Course

There is an online course based on the Language, Proof and Logic courseware package, with lectures by the authors.

With more than sixteen hours of video, the course covers the first two parts of Language, Proof and Logic, on propositional and first-order logic. The course is structured like the book, divided into 14 chapters each containing between two and six individual lectures. We recommend studying approximately one chapter per week.

Lectures are divided into segments of approximately ten minutes each, separated by in-video quizzes -- short exercises designed to check that you are following the material presented. Each chapter has a corresponding assignment, consisting of exercises from the package to complete.

You don't need to sign up for the Stanford Online course to view the lectures -- you can get to them from here. If you do enroll, then scores from the exercises accumulate to a final grade for the course. A Statement of Accomplishment is awarded by Stanford Online at the successful completion of the course.

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Introductory Video

Whether you want to view the lectures alone, enroll in the course for your own enjoyment, or to supplement a more traditional physical course, the Language, Proof and Logic course is available to you courtesy of Stanford Online.

How To Sign Up

You need a Stanford Online account and a registered copy of Language, Proof and Logic to earn a statement of accomplishment. You can access all of the lectures from this page if you prefer.

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