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Language, Proof and Logic

Online Course Materials

Our course contains a collection of video lectures, some exercises to complete online, and assignments from the text book that we require online students to complete to obtain a certificate of accomplishment. We are making this material available to everyone in the hope that it can be useful.

Our online course closely follows the structure of the first two parts of Language, Proof and Logic. It should be clear how to find the material corresponding to the section of the book that you are now covering, perhaps with a little exploration.

If you are a student in a course being offered at a university or college that uses our text book, you should follow your instructor's recommendations regarding your use of this material. Some instructors may require you to watch some of these videos, some may recommend but not require that you do so, and some may prefer that you don't watch them at all.

Similarly, we use the exercises that appear between video segments to help our students know whether their understanding of the material is on the right track. Your instructor may expect you to do them, or you may choose to do them to assess your understanding.

At the end of each chapter there is an assignment that we ask our students to complete for assessment. The majority of these are drawn from the LPL text book, and you would use the desktop software to complete them, and the Submit and the Grade Grinder software to get them assessed. We chose these exercises because we think that they are among the most useful for assessing understanding of the material - and we recommend others that we feel are also particularly valuable.

Finally, there are midterm and final exams which are made up entirely of multiple choice online quizzes. You might like to use these to prepare for exams that your instructors have set, or complete them just for fun.

If you want, you can register for the course with Stanford Online (there's a link on every page), and try to earn a Statement of Accomplishment. Why not, while you are doing the work?

However you choose to use the course material, we hope that you find it useful, interesting and entertaining. Please send feedback to us using the comment form.