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Email Change Policy

The first time you use Submit, your Book Number (Registration ID), name, and email address are entered into our database. After that, you must enter the same information each time you access the Grade Grinder. In particular, the email address and Book Number must match.

You may need to change the email address that is associated with your Book Number. Perhaps you accidently spelled it wrong when you first typed it in, or you've decided to change to a new email address. In case you find yourself in a similar situation, we allow you to change your email address for 30 days, counting from your first successful use of Submit. Just go to the Email Change Page.

You will need to know your Book Number, and the old email address. If there are any typos in the email address, you will need to know the incorrect spelling. If you cannot determine the old email address, contact us and explain your situation. Be sure to include your Book Number, name, and preferred email address.

We realize that the 30 day deadline may be inconvenient for you. We are willing to make exceptions in certain cases. If you believe that you are a special case, contact us.

Access to the Grade Grinder is available only to original purchasers of the Language, Proof and Logic package. If you purchase a used book, you will be unable to access the Grade Grinder if the original purchaser has registered their email address with the Book Number.