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Tarski's World


Tarski's World was conceived by Jon Barwise and John Etchemendy. The original version of the program was written by Rick Wong and Rolf van Widenfelt, under the guidance of Steve Loving. Development was supported by the Faculty Author Development Program at Stanford University.

Macintosh version 4.x was written by Mike Lenz, except for the grading facility, which was written by Alan Bush.

The NeXT and Windows version share a computational engine, which was written by Eric Ly, Pete Murray, and Dan Fish. The NeXT interface was written by Eric Ly and the Windows interface was written by Christopher Fuselier and Kalpana Bharadwaj.

Tarski's World 5.x for both Windows and Macintosh was extended and maintained by Albert Liu.

Version 6.x represents another complete rewrite of the Tarski's World software. The project was led by Dave Barker-Plummer. Gerry Allwein, Albert Liu, Sara Tahir, Andrei Aron, Ben Davidson and Matthew Falkenhagen contributed code. Ben Davidson was primarily responsible for the changes to the Grade Grinder to allow it to grade the new exercises. Carly Posner helped with QA. Nik Swoboda created and maintains the Linux packages.

Except for the original version, all work was funded by the Center for the Study of Language and Information.