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Tarski's World


The package includes two pieces of software:

All programs are available for the Windows, Macintosh and Linux platforms. Instructors do not need to use the programs themselves in order to be able to take advantage of their pedagogical value.

Current Versions

The current release for all supported operating systems is Frege (17.12, December 2017) which consists of: Submit 3.1.0, Tarski's World 7.2.4 and the textbook and exercises

The software can be downloaded by logging in using your registration id.


Tarski's World

Tarski’s World is an innovative and enjoyable way to introduce your students to the language of first-order logic. The Tarski’s World application allows the students to build three-dimensional worlds and to describe them in first-order logic. They evaluate the sentences in the constructed worlds and if their evaluation is incorrect, the program provides them with a game that leads them to understand where they went wrong. Using this program students quickly master the meaning of the connectives and quantifiers, and soon become fluent in the symbolic language at the core of modern logic.


Submit is a very different application. It is used to send exercise files created in Tarski’s World to the Grade Grinder. There are currently two Grade Grinder servers hosted in the Amazon cloud. Submit chooses one of the servers to connect to. The student must enter a registration is, which can be found on the sleeve the CD came in, in order to use Submit. He or she must also enter their name and email address. The instructor's name and email address are optional. After the Grade Grinder verifies the student's Book Number, name, and email address, it receives the files. The files are graded and a grade report is sent out, by email, from the Grade Grinder to the student. If the student has chosen to submit to an instructor as well, the instructor's name and email address are verified and an email is sent to him or her.

...For more about the Grade Grinder, click here .